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Wrapping Julie’s Christmas cookies for Westinghouse

Julie Goodwin made a batch of Christmas chill mango chutney and some Ginger cookies but I was in Myanmar at the time, so Westinghouse especially flew me from Rangoon to Sydney to teach how to wrap the jars in fabric.


WESTINGHOUSE and MORRISON POLKINGHORNE Ginger Cookie Wrap from Globetrotting Gourmet on Vimeo.

WESTINGHOUSE MORRISON POLKINGHORNE Double jar wrap from Globetrotting Gourmet on Vimeo.

WESTINGHOUSE MORRISON STYLE 01 from Globetrotting Gourmet on Vimeo.

WESTINGHOUSE and MORRISON POLKINGHORNE Single jar wrap from Globetrotting Gourmet on Vimeo.

0159_DSC6787 Morrison Polkinghorne styling


0028DSC_7353 Gift wrap styling

With Julie’s Ginger Christmas cookies I packaged them in a small waxed box, lined in a handmade crepe paper and trimmed with an origami paper strip. Topped with a heart cut from a local Myanmar newspaper that I had in my suitcase.

0165DSC_7652 Morrison Polkinghorne styling

Master the art of gift wrapping with Morrison Polkinghorne 

  1. Embrace imperfection. When it comes to wrapping use what you have, says Morrison. If your paper is crushed, crush it some more and enhance the distressed nature. Keep it very “wabi-sabi”; this is a Japanese term centered on the acceptance of imperfection. Alternatively you can iron crushed paper to give it distinct pleats but please don’t try to make it perfect and new, let it age.
  2. The world is your wrapper. If you’re not one for tradition and you are after a more cosmopolitan feel, bring back a local newspaper when you’re travelling overseas to wrap your gifts.
  3. DIY. The finishing touches really make a beautifully wrapped present stand out. If you can’t find any ribbon, make your own decorative string by twisting colourful twines together. These little handmade touches stand out a mile and creating something bespoke is the most generous and beautiful gift you can give.

0004_DSC6548 Place setting


0101DSC_7494 Julie Goodwin and Morrison Polkinghorne


0144_DSC6702 Morrison Polkinghorne gift wrap styling

0158_DSC6754 Morrison Polkinghorne styling


Westinghouse and Julie Goodwin owner of Julie’s Place cooking school has teamed up with stylist, Morrison Polkinghorne.

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