Morrison Polkinghorne


Morrison title each of his  paintings based on the total of lotus embossed stamps on each piece, and includes the exact number as part of his artist’s signature.

His lotus works may easily consist of a minimum of 10,000 lotus stalk impressions, and more. incorporating these elements of counting into the lotus art. The result looks a bit like the bespoke marks of an haute couturier’s pattern, which again is fitting as Morrison began my career designing and sewing clothes in Australia and selling them at local markets.

Here is a time line of his lotus art. 


My vision began with a desire to create a single piece of art of a square or a rectangle by using something circular or round. As I sat in my atelier in Battambang, Cambodia, lulled by Khmer crooner Sinn Sisamouth in the background, I grabbed an ink pad as I spotted a lotus flower. I broke off the petals and inked the stalk. What a wonderful impression it made! A circle with seven holes. I inked it once again, and stamped the paper again. One mark after another the impressions filled my first square with 49 lotus impressions.
unknown buyer

1 August, 2017

first signing

The first work that I had made, signed and numbered. Prior to this I was counting the impression, but I was not signing the counts.
unknown buyer.

October, 2017


AMANSARA – Morrisons first exhibition

Morrison’s exhibition at Amansara Seam Reap was in the former residence of HRH King Norodom Sihanouk. It consisted of a total of 63,213 lotus marks.

In the library hangs a triptych of three vertical paintings. Each portrays two vertical lines of varying depths of darkness graduating from the base to the top, thus reflecting how a lotus flower grows. Each stamp is unique, as the paper absorbs and tones of each lotus marking. Fittingly, with each line complementing the next, the painting emerges like a lotus flowers from which it was made.

A fourth piece, hanging separately, reflects the Sangkae river flowing past my home in Battambang. It is my impression of its waters flowing into the Tonlé Sap. What also inspires me are the classic Khmer songs written about the river.

13 April 2019

lotus count

400,000 lotus impressions
Three river delta #5 with 5228

May – June 2019


Serindia Gallery Bangkok
148913 lotus impressions

11 November 2019

lotus count

450,000 lotus impressions
Three Trees

31 December, 2019

lotus count

reached a total of half a million lotus impressions, 500,000
A single painting entitled Decade with 5724 lotus impressions

February - April 2020


Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra
132,383 impressions

October, 2020


First, International artist award.
Art For Life, Chicago

26 January, 2021

lotus count

I made a  single painting of 5 lotus impressions

March, 2021

Left Cambodia and moved back to Australia 
Total count, 578,217

December, 2021


Galerie Lee

1 December, 2022

lotus count

I made a cube, of 249 lotus impressions

16 August, 2023

After three weeks in Thailand and Cambodia I reached a total accumulative count of 650,202 lotus impressions.  
My goal of 5,000,005 lotus impression update. ETA 119 year’s

17 September 2023

lotus count


with a large lotus ink stone, four works made at Shoulder To Shoulder, Pinnaroo SA


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