Lotus Rocks - 29,018

This series of photographic work was documented in and round Battambang, Cambodia in early 2021, during my final month living in the Kingdom of Wonder.  

These traveling Papier-mâché lotus rocks were conceived during my exhibition at the Sofitel Phokeethra in Phnom Penh early 2020. I was exhibiting a five paintings pentaptych Shan Shui mountains and rivers. Here, I am brining the paintings to life with these sculptures from a 2D to 3D view. Shan Shui is a Chinese name for Mountain and Rivers, heavily influenced by monochrome calligraphy. These two rocks represent the mountains.  

These two sculptures are a welded metal frame, glued with fabric and paper based on papier maché. In-between the layers are un-seen holy Mahi Kari scriptures, subsequently covered with the final layer of French watercolour paper applied with a rice glue. Each lotus impression was made using my home made lotus ink, stamped by me using a lotus stalk. Many times while making these sculptures in Battambang, the monks would walk past with their daily alms procession. 

The smaller rock was completed on 20 September 2020, consisting of 5,628 stamps, while the larger work was completed 31 January 2021 with 24,090 lotus impression.
The completion of these works made my total accumulative count at that date 569,168.

Augmented Reality Art

The artwork on this page contains a digital augmented reality features. To experience it for free, install the Artivive app on your phone. Open the app and point your phone towards his artwork to see it come alive.

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l o t u s - c o u n t s

as of 18 September, 2023
I've created a total of
650,206 lotus marks


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