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how to wrap a gift and finish it with a decorative knot

Wrap a present and finish it with a decorative knot.

To estimate the length of cord:
To make a single layer knot, measure the circumference of the box + 30cm of cord
To make a triple layer knot, triple the above

Step 1
Fold the cord in half and start with this point.
Pull the bottom cord under and up to the top right





Step 2
Pull the bottom cord under the package and then over the loop then under this top cord




Step 3
Bring this cord down and over it at the original point then under.
Pull the top cord under the box and to the top left of the package.Morrison_Polkinghorne-Passementeries-Celtic_Knot_Wrap-3



Step 4
The cord will then go under, over and then under where the other cord ends.
Then with a mother cord, the same length, repeat  this process two or three times.,
or simply stitch the two ends together  and died it with the original cord.Morrison_Polkinghorne-Passementeries-Celtic_Knot_Wrap-4




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