Morrison Polkinghorne


revamping jute trimmings

In the early 90’s I started my tassel career making trendy, contemporary jute trimmings, tassels braids fringes and cords. Then the fad faded, but not totally. This past year Passementeries has been approached to create new and exciting contemporary jute projects. In the process we’ve developed stunningly new creations. Natural fiber has always had a special love, not just jute: I’ve been “m orgigamically” wrapping packages in newspaper, making chandeliers from cardboard and working with metal forgers to produce heads of tassels. Here are a few images to wet your appetite.
A classic 18th century woven crete. This border suits being attached to the leading edge of a curtain, Four shuttles with three cords are hand woven, lopped an ties to create the intricate braid. This is impossible to machine make, thus only skilled artisanal weavers can create this. A cotton warp is chosen from 600 colours.
A metal frame is made to create the head of this tassel. The jute cord is hand twisted and the skirt is embellished with a bullion twisted fringe.
A simple jute fringe. This fringe can be adorned many ways, small tassels, embellished with jute pom pons or a simple cord relief woven into the warp. There are 600 colours that you can choose from the create the warp.
Jute Bullion fringe.  The height of the fringe can be custom made along with the colour of the warp. Please choose from 600 colours. In one day, two people hand make about 5-7 meters. Watch the weaving of a cotton bullion fringe on youtube.


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