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Myanmar basket weaving

Basket weaving – Myanmar style
Coming from Australia, I always thought my self as green and one that recycles, reuses and rehashes.  But after travelling to Myanmar I realise how little we actually do in the West. One example is how they reuse everything. I met a man last week who makes flip-flops from old car tiers, I almost bought a pair, but decided not to. Now I wish i did. I guess I’ll get pick up a pair next time were back to Mandalay to skid around town.
These bags are made from the plastic packing tape. I first saw them here in Myanmar/Burma over a decade ago, then they became popular across SE Asia. In the West we use this tape to tie and tighten up a cardboard box, then banded or heat sealed to make it tight and secure. Here in Myanmar locals use this same packing tape to weave the bags. Better yet, the metallic inner band of car tires are used to strengthen them. The color combinations are endless, the sizes, shapes and sizes all vary. If you need a specific size, shape or colour, it only takes a day or two to get one ordered, and sometimes custom made while you wait.

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