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new tools for Vaucluse House: part2

The spool/mould spinning machine works wonderfully, but an initial problem was that the motor smokes. The first sewing machine motor I bought was not strong enough. Thus I bought a another, and at more expense to replace it. However that smoked as well. Eventually, I was told of another guy who could possibly help — a specialist that actually rewires old motors. A few days a new motor was re-designed and it worked perfectly, no smoke. He told me he used a motor for a car windscreen wiper. How bizarre is that! But it suits, and we’ve used it for 2 months, five hours a day. Still ten months down the track it is performing perfectly.

For our Vaucluse House commission we ended up covering about 400 beads, individually wrapped in a fine silk thread.
All for the love of Vaucluse House tassels and embellishments.

Mould Spinning Machine: PART ONE


Vaucluse House tassels


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