Lineations 2023 – 135 lotus impressions

Lineations  2023

Lineations means making lines repeatedly.  In Morrison Polkinghorne’s lotus art, derived from distilling lotus petals into ink while using lotus stems as his paintbrush, his lineal imprints repeat and fade into a form. With a single lotus impression, then a second and a third marked vertical lines appear as if integrally woven onto paper. In composition these lines form the lineations of the unseen paths undertaken between his lotus impressions.

This is a small series of 12 artworks created by the artist to represent abstract horizontal waves of lineations. Almost musical in composition, their original inspiration is from the lineal flows of Cambodian rivers.

Each artwork is signed on the front and back, with the total count of impressions signed with the artists autograph on the front, and on the back signed with the total accumulative count of lotus impressions Morrison has made over the past decade.

Morrison is restricted in creation his lotus art while living in Australia,  so these recent works were painted during recent trips to Cambodia. He used lotus ink he previously distilled while still living in Cambodia, back in 2018. It is rare, brewed from lotus petals left at Cambodia temple offerings. This distillation that takes a year to process, holistically using only rainwater.

Lineations 2023 is a series of twelve artworks

135 Lotus impressions, making my accumulative count of 644,309 lotus impressions

lotus ink on paper

11.6 x 7.48”    –    29.5 x 19cm


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