Morrison Polkinghorne

Prelude 600000

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It all began in 2016, when I painted my first lotus impression. I then stamped a second, followed by a third… In 2021 I left Cambodia with a completed count of 578,217 lotus, and numerous art works under my belt.

I am now releasing a series of nine small works that I completed in February 2021. These nine Cambodian small works are my last made while living there. They are now for sale, marking my temporary return to the Kingdom of Wonder this week, the first since Covid.

These nine small works are the final pieces in my half a million series. All future lotus art can only be made while I am a visitor to the Kingdom of Wonder, so they will become progressively rare.

28 x 40cm
11″ x 15.7″
lotus ink on watercolor paper
unframed (packaged for a perfect Christmas gift)

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