February – April 2020
Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra

Les Impressions Khmères
Khmer Impressions
Sacred Lotus Ink Paintings

Monochrome ink wash paintings, classically from China and Japan, are amongst the world’s oldest artistic traditions. In his contemporary take, Battambang-based Australian artist Morrison Polkinghorne adapts pointillism to this classical art form: First by using lotus stems as his brush, and secondly by creating an organic ink from its flower petals that is both holistic and spiritual in nature.


Artists Statement

My path to creating art alludes to both the practice of making of artworks, and equally the symbolism of the materials used.  My Cambodian themes are indirect allusions to deeper messages, evoking — without spelling out literally — what is going on. 


l o t u s - c o u n t s

as of 18 September, 2023
I've created a total off
650,206 lotus marks



n e w s
International Artist Award

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