Morrison Polkinghorne

Sharky’s Yangon, Myanmar / Rangoon, Burma

Yangon is a city of exquisite Edwardian & Victorian architecture. I was given this commission to fill the airspace for Sharky’s new downtown deli & restaurant. Sharky’s is an artisanal providore with three branches in the city, and Its proprietor Ye Htut Win has been featured on both BBC Panorama as well as on the front page of the New York Times.


We created handmade industrial-sized ropes of natural and red jute, each with massive tassels on one end and lampshades on the other. The red and white metallic tassel head, or gland, recreates the colors of Sharky’s logo. Three long ropes — about 13 metre/15 yard adorn and cascade along the ceiling, while four shorter 2 metre long cords and tassels are uniquely suited for the building’s arched Edwardian vitrines and one interior wall arch. Two massive cut cardboard shades are reminiscent of Edwardian fret design, installed with a retro clear globe lamp after threading the electrical wires through our rope cording and attached with turk’s-head knots. A third lampshade was created solely of wire, then fitted with 1800 handmade wooden spoons connected with brass rings. These spoons are especially made for the restraunt to serve their yogurt and ice-creams, so it made a fitting fit. We know Sharky’s will always have a reserve and never run out!