Vibrations #1

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Every single brush stroke in this artwork is important, and this work is made from thousands of individual impressions. As we go through our daily life, a positive vibration is what I seek and vibrating my inner core with a positivity is a daily practice of mine. When I produced this series the first thing I do is offer a prayer and reflect on my vibration. I try to emanate from my core a vibration of gratitude and love. Making and creating this series is a wonderful practice of gratitude for me.

I commence this work with a single layer of brush strokes, and then a second and a third. Eventually the page fills with ink with each consecutive layer, some times up to 17 layers of ink. As the layers fill the page I start to see areas that are darker and some lighter. With the final layer the work tells me when it is completed and it is ready.

The orange is made from Battambang roof tiles and the black is made from my lotus ink. This series is painted with a feather brush that I made from feathers I found at Angkor Wat.


50 x 35cm

19.7″ x 13.8″


$ 450.00

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