Rise #2

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ARTISTS’ PLEDGE #artistsupportpledge

This series of nine works is called RISE and are priced at US$175 each. With every $1000 sold I pledge to buy another artist’s work at $200. This price point is a one time deal only for this pledge. Regular price of these is $300.

Read more about the Artists Support Pledge here.

From the muddy depths the lotus rises up to shine as a thing of beauty. I see this growth reflected in today’s troubled times. We need to journey on a sustainably different path.  I see a new world arising, and  that it is magical.

My work is holistic and environmental: I distill black lotus ink donations to the  temples. The brown washes I create derive from dried lotus pods. My crayon skies are created from natural beeswax formed  from petal ash. A hint of orange within the sunrise comes from shattered colonial roof tiles I collected after a severe storm in Battambang, Cambodia. The 24 karat gold I purchase from the artisan gold leaf makers in Mandalay, Myanmar or Burma. The glimmer of pure gold leaf I apply to these works  reaches through us to show us a new road.

The process of manually creating my colors takes time, but are produced with love and gratitude, and using classic time -worn techniques I have learnt through my myriad travels and life in SE Asia.


30 x 20cm

11.8″ x 7.87″


Original price was: $ 300.00.Current price is: $ 175.00.

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