Elevate #4


The life force that we all experience and share starts as a seedling and then grows strong. It is time of transition and growth for of us all to elevate to become who we are destined to be.

My work is holistic and environmental: I distill black lotus ink from lotus donations to the temples. The brown washes are derived from dried lotus pods. My crayon strokes (here, the sky) are created from natural beeswax formed from petal ash. A hint of orange within the sunrise comes from shattered colonial roof tiles I collected after a severe storm in Battambang, Cambodia. The 24 karat gold is fromartisan gold leaf makers in Mandalay, Myanmar, who hand hammer the foil until ultra thin. The glimmer of pure gold leaf I apply to these works symbolically shows us a shining new path or road.

The process of manually creating my colors takes extensive time and effort by using classic time-worn techniques I’ve studied during my extensive travels and living in SE Asia over the past decades. My art is produced with love and gratitude, and reflects the natural elements of Cambodia.

W: 27cm / 10.6″

H: 35cm / 13.8″

Lotus ink on French watercolor paper


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