5745 Entente​

Compared to my previous work the gully between these two darker lines are vast. It creates a horizontal void space in the middle of the painting. Does this represent two contrasting bodies of opinion, or perhaps two riverbanks unified by water? Entente conveys an alliance of opposing factions, and I like to view this as symbolic of the kingdom’s reconciliation, and peace. Yet it remains an imperfect peace, just as my piece here: A perfect lotus stamp is when its crisp and clean, but when there is a break in the stalk, or an accumulation of ink in stalk channels, the imperfection repeats within the same stampings. This is the beauty that I adore about my art. The perfection of the imperfection repeated en masse. When I stamped the 28th line from the left on the top of the picture, there was a blotch of ink stuck in the stalks centre, repeating with every stamp. I also added a hint of a black bulge on the bottom left: one can see where it starting, but can you imagine to where it goes?


101 x 120.5cm

40″ x 47.5″

lotus ink on watercolor paper


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$ 2,500.00

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