Paths of the Lotus Ink

16 May – 30 June 2019
Serindia Gallery Bangkok

Artists Statement

My path to creating art alludes to both the practice of making of artworks, and equally the symbolism of the materials used. My themes are indirect allusions to deeper messages without spelling out literally what is going on. The lotus is a symbol of Buddhism precisely because it is an allusion to the life cycle; to the path of enlightenment and to the ephemerality of humanity and all life. It points the way in terms of approach, not telling you what to think or do.

66 Lotus Flowers

I live with lotus flowers. I love when their fresh flowers bloom, then gradually wither, yet their stems stand erect. This is my favorite dried lotus shape.  Other times they droop before they wilt and die. I find these transitions inspiring.

29 works 148913 impressions

l o t u s - c o u n t s

as of 18 September, 2023
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International Artist Award

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