Two point 5 River Delta
2083 lotus impressions

Three River Delta #6
2191 lotus impressions

Three point 5  River Delta
2162 lotus impressions

Nine River Delta

this triptych is inspired by the Rivers and deltas of South East Asia

each painting
W: 52cm
H: 73cm
AUG 2019

‘Three River Delta’ has been one of my favorite works for the past three years. This is the sixth time I have made it. Upon completing this version, I wanted to see how the rivers looked to the left of it. I had only planned a diptych but, after completing the two.5 rivers painting, I decided to see what happened to the right with three.5 rivers. Thus this Triptych was created. 

Working on the shapes, form and the shading. Crating highlights with the light areas within the marshes and having the ripples in the open waterways allows my work to vibrate into being. 

Starting with a blank piece of paper, a fresh lotus flower and ink, my artwork commences with but one image from a cut lotus stem, then continues into hundreds and thousands of indelible marks. The shading and the density of these impressions produce undulating patterns. A monochrome pointillism

The result is a monochromatic rebirth of embossed stamps varying in hue and intensity, and paintings of austere beauty.

Many of my paintings reflect the waterways, rivers and deltas of South East Asia, and I return regularly to this theme. For this is the life blood of a country bestowed with monsoonal rains and with floods to enrich its soils and fisheries biannually, then left to parch for the remainder of the year.

#2083 lotus marks
#2191 lotus marks
#2162 lotus marks

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