By Morrison Polkinghorne
5141 lotus impressions
making my total count 352,104 impressions
80.5 x 121 cm

White space is neither a void, nor negative space. The simplicity of a single line allows me to play with the space created in the seeming void. I began inking in the dark areas of this work, continuing to paint up or down to create the lighter sections. Here in this work, I created three light areas, cut with dark lines representing waterways. The six lines on the top right do not have light shading, while the remaining left lines do have. This leads to the impression that somewhere to the right, off the paper, there is another river fork.

l o t u s - c o u n t s

as of 18 September, 2023
I've created a total off
650,206 lotus marks



n e w s
International Artist Award

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