“The last famous artist we knew of who did new works inspired by Chinese landscapes was Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923–1997) Here, two decades later, Morrison Polkinghorne, by his own creation, inked it with natural lotus cut-stems and counting the total dots as his signature. These five panels are among one of the most impressive works in this genre. We just love it!”

Shan Shui Polyptych

By Morrison Polkinghorne
50491 lotus impressions
each framed:  85 x 151 cm

The five clouded mountains framing the waterfall are inspired by my travels through Cambodia and Southeast Asia. This style is distinctly reminiscent of classical Chinese and Japanese ink-and-pen Shan Shui landscapes. I create these not with the stroke of a brush, rather with the impressions of a cut lotus stalk.

l o t u s - c o u n t s

as of 18 September, 2023
I've created a total off
650,206 lotus marks



n e w s
International Artist Award

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